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e-proVIEW (Offline search software) 64 bit version

e-proVIEW (Offline search software) 64 bit version

The offline search software e-proVIEW offers visual support during the classification of your product data into the ECLASS-Standard.

  • e-proVIEW helps you when searching for classes and property names.
  • e-proVIEW makes it possible for you to do searches using classes and property IDs.
  • With e-proVIEW you can search using keywords.
  • e-proVIEW supports you when working with expert committees, for example by simultaneously displaying different classifications.
  • e-proVIEW shows you all the popular classification systems in one single software.
  • e-proVIEW offers you a copy function for all important information.

Functionality of the e-proVIEW 1.0

  • Displays class structure, keywords, sets of properties, default values as well as the definitions of properties and values.
  • Navigation through the classification hierarchy.
  • Toggles between class- and property names and IDs.
  • Comprehensive search covering class and property names, class and property IDs and keywords.
  • Copy function for names and IDs into other data (for example MS Word, Excel).
  • Software interface manually adjustable.
  • Supports classification updates using the XML-Import interface.

Price: The rate for an e-proVIEW license is 100,00 € plus VAT (unit price).

Information: e-proVIEW does not contain ECLASS data; the needed ECLASS version has to be ordered additional.

The software e-proVIEW is only available in German; the required ECLASS-Version for e-proVIEW is available in German and English.

The offline search software e-proVIEW is produced by e-pro CAT GmbH. Questions concerning the product and guarantee claims should be addressed directly to the manufacturer: