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PROLIST Lists of Properties

PROLIST Lists of Properties

Lists of properties of PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL e.V.

A standardized list of properties (LOP), based on standardized properties, is being introduced through NAMUR Recommendation 100 (NE 100). The lists of properties are published in an XML format, additionally each list of properties is included in an XLS format. In this format, it looks like a specification sheet and can be used as such.

The purpose of the LOPs developed by PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL is:

  • to create a common language for device manufacturers and users in order to optimize processes between these partners, both internally and in their exchanges with one another, and
  • to provide substantial economic benefits for the companies involved, by saving costs and speeding up the time to market.

The LOP provided by the majority of currently known classification systems have a linear structure. By contrast, the PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL LOP possess a block structure which, combined with cardinality (repeatability of blocks and properties), enables the reproduction of complex contents. eCl@ss has introduced this structure since 7.0 in the eCl@ss ADVANCED version and is therefore compatible.

Several types of LOPs are developed for each type of device: an Operating (Requirements) List of Properties (OLOP) and a Device List of Properties (DLOP).

For the transmission of technical data by means of PROLIST® INTERNATIONAL lists of properties the following LOPs are provided: the Administrative List of Properties (ALOP) for transmission of transaction data, and the Commercial List of Properties (CLOP), which may contain such data as prices, quantities, delivery periods, delivery terms, etc.

As part of the harmonization between eCl@ss and PROLIST we offer the PROLIST List of Properties for the one-time unit price of 3,500, - € to everyone who is interested.

Members of the PROLIST association get the List of Properties for free - please contact us.

The purchased file contains – in English and German respectively

  • the XML file of the NE100 3.1.2 Dictionary
  • the XML file of the NE100 3.2 Dictionary
  • the XML files of the NE100 3.2 Views
  • the XML file of the Transaction Update Files (TUF) from NE100 3.1.2 to NE100 3.2
  • the single XLS files

The downloaded file is structured as follows: