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Update files 5.x to 6.x

Update files 5.x to 6.x

The update files (former mapping tables) contain the necessary information to update an eCl@ss release 5.1.x to a release 6.x.

You can only use these Update files, if you are a registered user of the eCl@ss standard and if you possess both a source release 5.x and a target release 6.x.

The TU files (transaction upgrade) for classes and properties contain the predecessor-successor-relationship of the changed classes and properties respectively in release 6.x. In the several tables of the specific structural elements all absolute changes are listed, i.e.

  • all elements and relations that are no more part of release 6.x
  • all new elements and relations and
  • all elements and relations that have been changed and marked with a new version.

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The use of the Update files is only permitted in acceptance of the General eCl@ss Terms of Use. These Update files and the pertaining files may not be passed on or sold to other companies without the permission of eCl@ss. This also applies to their direct or indirect use in software products. Should the user wish to do so, a special agreement must be made with eCl@ss. Commercial or other work for third parties with the help of the Update files and the pertaining files is permitted so long as the user ensures that the third party is in possession of a valid license for the source and target release.