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eCl@ss 4.0

eCl@ss 4.0

eCl@ss 4.0 has been published on 2001-03-27.

All available downloads at the eCl@ss DownloadPortal principally contain a complete eCl@ss version in csv format (for initial implementation). For information on the data structure, please refer to the enclosed README file. Additionally, with Minor Releases and ServicePacks, you receive tables with upgrade information compared to the previous eCl@ss version.

Included in all versions:

  • classes file (complete)
  • properties file (complete)
  • keywords file (complete)
  • values file (complete)
  • class-property relations file (complete)
  • property-value relations file (complete)
  • README file

Additionally included in Minor Releases and ServicePacks:

  • classes file upgrade (changes)
  • properties file upgrade (changes)
  • keywords file upgrade (changes)
  • values file upgrade (changes)
  • class-property relations file upgrade (changes)
  • property-value relations file upgrade (changes)