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ECLASS 5.1.4

ECLASS 5.1.4

With the purchase of ECLASS 5.1.4 you purchase a license for ECLASS 5.1.4 in all available languages. ECLASS 5.1.4 has been published on 2007-07-01.

Most of the language versions are partly translated; the rest filled with the English original.

All available downloads at the ECLASS DownloadPortal principally contain a complete ECLASS version in csv format (for initial implementation). For information on the data structure, please refer to the enclosed README file. Additionally, with Minor Releases and ServicePacks, you receive tables with upgrade information compared to the previous ECLASS version.

Update 2018-05-07: Due to a request of an ECLASS member, the ECLASS association decided to publish the Release 5.1.4 (as well as the Release 6.0.x) subsequently also in XML format, for the languages German and English. The XML format was originally introduced to Release 7.0.

The 5.1.4 ServicePack includes 100 new classes and keywords as well as greater extensions within the property structures. In the area of office technology, new and existing properties are attributed to over 1700 classes. Therewith, you can for example describe media device and projection furniture even more precisely. Furthermore, the engineering area of pumps has been enhanced with over 100 new properties. On the whole, you can attribute and describe your products now in over 30.300 classes with 14.000 standard property sets.

Content ECLASS 5.1.4 BASIC (csv):

  • classes file (complete)
  • properties file (complete)
  • keywords file (complete)
  • values file (complete)
  • class-property relations file (complete)
  • property-value relations file (complete)
  • README file

Additionally included in Minor Releases and ServicePacks:

  • classes file upgrade (changes)
  • properties file upgrade (changes)
  • keywords file upgrade (changes)
  • values file upgrade (changes)
  • class-property relations file upgrade (changes)
  • property-value relations file upgrade (changes)

Content ECLASS 5.1.4 BASIC (XML):

  • Dictionaries: include 25 XML files, hence for each segment one XML file that contains the complete content of the relevant segment (Classes, Keywords, Properties, Values and relations) (complete)
  • Templates: Folder without content
    Templates were originally introduced with ECLASS Release 7.0. However, in order to enable a trouble-free import into eCatCreator, for example, the established structure of the XML-zip-file is not changed.
    Further note: Since Release 10.0.1 the Template folder has been delivered without content. The reason for this is the future handling with templates to deliver and publish only "default" templates with substantial content. This may change for future Releases. Templates contain a Data Requirement Statement for the data exchange, in which can be defined e.g. sequences or optional and mandatory fields between the data transmitter and the receiver. More information in the ECLASS Wiki:
  • ECLASS units ("UnitsML" in XML format)
  • README file
Structure of the ECLASS 5.1.4 BASIC (XML):