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With the purchase of ECLASS 6.2 you purchase a license for ECLASS 6.2 in all available languages. ECLASS 6.2 has been published on 2009-12-01.

Most of the language versions are partly translated; the rest filled with the English original.

The Release ECLASS 6.2 in comparison to Release 6.1 includes about 35 new classification classes, about 15 new properties and values, as well as about 100 new relations of properties to classes. Further, some textual corrections were made (among others the unification of Boolean properties and the correction of certain formal mistakes in the definition of properties).

Apart from that all ECLASS-units used in the description of properties were quality-checked and, if necessary, corrected which led to slight changes of the concerned properties.

These add-ons and corrections have increased the quality of the classification. The innovations of the content of Minor Release 6.2, in comparison to 6.1, concern the following branches/segments:

  • Mainly: Medicine, medical technology (segment 34)
  • Manufacturing facilities, tools (segment 21)
  • Electric engineering (segment 27)

All available downloads at the ECLASS DownloadPortal generally contain a complete ECLASS version in csv format (for initial implementation). For information on the data structure, please refer to the enclosed README file.


  • classes file (complete)
  • properties file (complete)
  • keywords file (complete)
  • values file (complete)
  • class-property relations file (complete)
  • property-value relations file (complete)
  • NEW: Value-ID replacement file, automatically readable
  • README file