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ProDOK Mapping

This product is the mapping between the internal ProDOK NG data structures and the respective properties of an ECLASS ADVANCED device specification for bidirectional data exchange between ProDOK NG and all other systems that can read and write ECLASS ADVANCED. It thus allows the migration of ProDOK NG data to the ECLASS standard and vice versa and is language-independent.

A total of 68 ECLASS classes are currently mapped, which are used in ProDOK NG in the field of process automation. To illustrate the mapping you will find an exemplary Excel file here.

ProDOK NG is the PLT-CAE system for planning and operational support of process control systems of process engineering plants. If ProDOK NG is used, rational, consistent project planning and consistent Documentation guaranteed. ProDOK NG ensures an integrated planning process according to uniform rules.

The range of functions of ProDOK NG comprehensively meets the requirements of process control project engineers for the project planning phases basic planning, function planning, implementation planning and installation planning in the case of new planning, modification and supplemental planning and in the case of operational support.

With ECLASS, ProDOK NG provides a standardized data exchange format for automated data exchange. In this way, device data can be exchanged automatically between plant manufacturers or operators and device manufacturers.

To implement the mapping in the master data record of the user, please contact:

R├Âsberg Engineering GmbH
Industriestra├če 9
76189 Karlsruhe
Telephone: 0721-98018-0

Please note:
The mapping requires that an ECLASS ADVANCED dictionary is loaded in the PLT CAE system ProDOK.
The mapping itself cannot be purchased; starting with ECLASS 10.1 it is available for download in the download area of your ECLASS license.
If you do not yet have an ECLASS license, you can purchase it here.