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eCl@ss has come to be one of the most important and most widely used standards for the classification and description of products and services. Thus, eCl@ss e.V. provides the entire economy with an e-business and product data management tool.

By paying a download fee, all users of eCl@ss make a small contribution towards the further development of eCl@ss according to the requirements of the economy and towards an acceleration of its national and international distribution and standardisation.

Please note the gradual adjustment of prices for eCl@ss licenses:

First, as of July 01, 2019, the prices for single licenses and update files (formerly mapping tables) have been adjusted. Further information can be found in the Price list as of July 2019.

As of January 01, 2020, the annual fees for Concordance licenses and memberships will be adjusted. Further information can be found in the Price lis as of 2020.


Do you want to become a member in the eCl@ss e.V.? Information on membership in the eCl@ss e.V.

Do you have any suggestions for the further development of eCl@ss? The eCl@ss-ContentDevelopmentPlatform offers all companies the opportunity to request changes or additions online.

Do you want to test eCl@ss free of charge and without obligation? Learn more about the structure and the structural elements on the basis of a demo version and verify the implementation into your software system.

You are interest in an unpublished language version? The eCl@ss standard currently is published in fifteen languages (some of them in partial translations). After publication of a new release (first in English and German) we try to publish all language versions as soon as possible. If you cannot find a language version, please contact us.